What is your logo?
We’ve heard everything from Japanese comb to crooked skyline to Viking helmet.  It’s actually an outline of the Portland waterfront with its many wharves.

What pace will I run?
It’s completely up to you!  Your guide will run at your pace.  Walk, run, or crawl, you set the pace!  Group runs will run at the pace of the slowest participant.

What if the weather is bad?
We will run in any kind of weather as long as you are comfortable.  However, if the weather is really bad, we will happily reschedule your tour.

What if I need to use the bathroom?
Let your guide know.  He will do his best to find you a restroom along the route as soon as possible.

Is there somewhere I can put my stuff (i.e. keys, wallet, phone, etc.)?
Your guide will carry a small pack and can carry small items for you.

Can I bring my kids?
If you have a jogging stroller, feel free to bring them.  If they are old enough to run they are more than welcome as long as they officially join the tour and you sign a waiver on their behalf.

What if I get hurt and can’t finish the tour?
Let your guide know.  He will do his best to find a way to get you back to your desired location.

Oops! I forgot my running gear. Where can I pick some up?
Visit our favorite specialty running store, Maine Running Company, at 563 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME. You can buy anything you may need or put down a small deposit on shoes to wear just for the tour.

Are we running the whole time?
That’s up to you. Your guide will plan to make brief stops at various points along the tour but if you would prefer to run the entire time or stop more often, just let your guide know.

Do I need to bring something to drink?
You will be provided with water after your run.  If you wish to have something to drink along the way, you are responsible for bringing and carrying your own drink.

Do I need to bring my ID on the Brewery Run?
YES! You must be at least 21 years of age to participate in the Brewery Run and have a valid ID.

Can I purchase items at the breweries? 
Absolutely. The breweries will work with you to hold your purchased items until you are able to pick the items up. If you are an out of town guest, your tour guide may deliver your purchased items to your hotel following the tour.

I’m interested in sightseeing outside of Portland. Can you recommend a tour?
Yes! If you’re looking to go further than your legs will take you, check out our friends at The Scenic Route Maine Tours!

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