Port City Running Tours offers private and customizable


Port City Running Tours offers private and customizable running tours of Portland, Maine.  See this beautiful and historic city while running along cobblestone streets and manicured trails, all at your own pace!  Follow your guide, John Calvin Stevens III, the great great grandson and namesake of famous Portland architect John Calvin Stevens, as he shows you the city, its sights, and its history.  Come experience Portland as only a runner can!

Whether you’re a life long runner, an occasional weekend warrior, or someone who just wants to go for a walk, Port City Running Tours can customize a tour to fit your needs and ability.  If you’re unsure of what you want to see, you can choose from a variety of recommended tours.  We can even alter the distance to fit your abilities.

So, tie up your shoes and come enjoy all the sights and history Portland has to offer!

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